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Laura++ Developers Information

This is the information page for developers the Laura++ project.

The Laura++ project on Phabricator can be found here.

Checking out the code over ssh

Following the migration to git, it is no longer essential to use the ssh protocol in order to be able to commit changes into the repository, although it is still the recommended method to use. In order to use the ssh protocol, you need to first load your SSH key into your Phabricator profile. Then, to clone the repository you need to do the following:

git clone ssh:// [dirname]

Protection of the master branch and code review

The master branch of the git repository is protected. Since Phabricator strongly discourages deletion of branches, creation of new branches is also limited to admins.
In order to have changes included in the repository, they will need to be reviewed using Phabricator's code review tool, called Differential.
Before starting a review it would be helpful to create a task that describes the bug that is being fixed or the new feature that is being implemented (see below). When you create your Differential review, you can specify that it is related to that task by including in the summary text the phrase "Addresses T###" or "Closes T###", as appropriate (where "###" should be replaced by the task number).

Creating/editing tasks for bugs or feature requests

To create a new task, navigate to the Laura++ workboard and decide to which column the new task should belong. In the top right of the column you have chosen, click on the arrow and select Create Task from the menu. Give your task the appropriate title and description. If appropriate, you can assign it to a particular developer and set the priority. The visibility should be set to Public and the task should be Editable by members of the Laura project.