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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#48 Further efficiency savings in integral code enhancement Thomas Latham new Oct 17, 2014
#2 Time-dependent fit model task Thomas Latham assigned Oct 9, 2013
#64 Toy generation with constraints should follow guidelines in arXiv:1210.7141 defect Thomas Latham new Mar 14, 2016
#12 Create DP-dependence wrapper for PDFs enhancement Thomas Latham new Dec 2, 2013
#15 Allow convolutions of PDFs enhancement Rafael Silva Coutinho new Dec 4, 2013
#31 Asymmetric errors on remaining histogram classes enhancement Daniel Craik new Apr 15, 2014
#38 New "command" to fill a 2D histogram with the value of fitted function enhancement Thomas Latham new Jun 9, 2014
#47 Improve handling of cut-off in LASS amplitude enhancement Thomas Latham new Oct 13, 2014
#62 Allow correlated uncertainties on an efficiency histogram enhancement Daniel Craik new Nov 4, 2015
#68 Implement new Kpi S-wave description enhancement new Jan 19, 2017
#74 Extend LauArgusPdf to the generalised form where p is not fixed to 1/2 enhancement Thomas Latham new Sep 26, 2017
#14 Reorganise the data storage task Thomas Latham new Dec 2, 2013
#13 Read currently hard-coded values from data files enhancement Thomas Latham new Dec 2, 2013
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